Best Women's Dress Boutiques in Suntec City Singapore

Best Women's Dress Boutiques in Suntec City Singapore

Are you a fashionista? Do you think you would like to buy clothes online? Have you looked into the different online women's dress boutiques online?

Online shopping has changed the way we buy clothing. However, you need to keep in mind that there are still a lot of problems with online shopping and one of these problems is the high rates of fraud.

You might think that the price you pay for shopping online is a lot cheaper than having to go to an actual store. But the truth is, shopping online means you are often buying clothes from companies that don't actually sell clothes. These companies are making money by selling fake products to unsuspecting customers.

If you want to learn about some of the best women's dress boutiques in Singapore, then keep reading on...

Shop cocktail dresses and evening gowns in Singapore

You have now received a rare invitation to a sophisticated soiree. The difficult thing now is deciding what to wear. Do not worry, Cinderella. You must attend the ball! We have something for you whether you're having a blast at a prom, wedding, black-tie gala, or business D&D.

If you decide against renting, dress to impress with our list of the top Singaporean boutiques for trendy cocktail party dresses and stunning evening gowns (glass slipper and magic pumpkin not included).

Why Nimisski Is The Best Women Dress Boutiques In Suntec Singapore?

NIMISSKI, which has four locations in Singapore's busiest shopping districts (Suntec City, Far East Plaza, Paragon, and Design Orchard), always practices fashion aesthetics in its design by emphasizing women's perspectives and expressing awareness of independence and urban modernity in styles that are appropriate for the workplace, home, and daily life. NIMISSKI embodies the fashion independence, self-expression, and styles of women.

Nimisski Concept

Liberation and Presentation of Self

Women have the freedom to make their own decisions in today's society. Start the change now! Simply choose and mix your own styles from among those offered by NIMISSKI. 

NIMISSKI is made up of many different levels of fashion, from the straightforward but cozy T-shirt to the chic and stylish dress as well as sportswear. Men and women can both adopt this trend. It is the ideal outfit for the business or any occasion because it combines casual and formal dress.

Unique and irreplaceable

Have you chosen a look that would complement your personality despite having a fantastic sense of style? NIMISSKI clothing helps you develop a distinctive and irreplaceable sense of style. What could be better than being able to express your individuality via the wide variety of NIMISSKI clothing?

Neat is the new Black

Are you the kind of person who appreciates clean, basic style? You can find the perfect clothing at NIMISSKI. The overblown appearances of celebrities in low-light photos are no longer representative of fashion. Forget about redundant products and expensive names; instead, let's get back to basics with the greatest materials from the best regional companies, like NIMISSKI.

Nimisski As The Best Women's Dress Boutiques in Suntec Singapore

NIMISSKI, a premium highest-quality brand for women's fashion, is the greatest option for efficient one-stop shopping for your sense of style. From the Nimisski collection, you can pick:

  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • Jacket
  • One piece clothing
  • Clothing sets
  • Accessories

Clothing for Women by Nimisski Ladies' Clothing We are dedicated to giving our clients the best products and services available. We think that the customer should be happy throughout the entire buying process. This implies that we pay close attention to the needs of our clients and develop goods and services that satisfy those needs. We are constantly searching for ways to make both our products and customer service better.

Visit Nimisski store in your nearest city

Suntec City 

# 01-471, 3 Temasek Blvd Singapore 038983


Opening hours :

Mon - Sun

11am - 9pm

Far East Plaza 

#03-50, 14 Scotts Rd Singapore 228213


Opening hours :

Mon - Sun

11am - 9pm 


#03-49/50, 290 Orchard Road Singapore 238859


Opening hours : 

Mon - Sun

11am - 9pm 

Design Orchard

250 Orchard Road, Singapore 238905

Opening hours :

Mon - Sun

11am - 8pm 

$249.00 SGD


Find Your Flawless Dress at Nimisski

Nimisski is a local high-end fashion designer brand for women from famous fashion designer, Niki Han. Through the expression of originality reflected in their design, Nimisski provide fashion for every style to enhance your charm, confidence, and beauty. Buy your perfect dress here.