Blazers for Women: The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Perfect Blazer

Blazers for Women: The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Perfect Blazer

There’s nothing that says you have to dress like a man when it comes to buying blazers. The good news is, women are now able to buy stylish blazers that won’t make them look like a boy.

Most women out there find themselves in the same position over and over again. They end up wearing the same thing they bought 2 years ago because they haven’t found the right thing to wear yet. And they don’t know what to do because they’re not sure what they should buy.

If you’ve been feeling like you’re stuck in the same place and you just aren’t getting any closer to finding the right blazer, then maybe it’s time to do something different. Because if you don’t, then you’re going to be wearing something old and boring forever.

In this article, I’m going to give you the tips and the tricks for buying the perfect blazer for every occasion. Because once you figure it out, then you can look forward to wearing your blazer for every single occasion.

So if you’ve been looking to make a change with your wardrobe and want to find yourself a great new blazer that will last you a long time, then read on...

Choose the Right Fit

The first thing to consider is the size of the blazer. It’s important to buy the right size because you don’t want to spend a lot of money on one that’s too big or too small. The first thing you want to do is measure your chest around your armpits. Then, measure your waist at the smallest part. If you’re unsure about what that is, then try to wrap a measuring tape around your belly button and measure from there. Next, you want to measure the length of the blazer. Make sure you’re measuring from the top of the shoulder to the bottom of the shoulder. You should also look to see if the sleeves are long enough. If you have trouble finding the correct size, you can check with your local tailor. You might be able to make a few alterations to it to fit your needs.

When you are buying a blazer, you will want to look at the measurements of the blazer you’re considering. You should first measure the chest, from the top of the shoulder to the bottom of the shoulder. Next, measure the width of your chest at the smallest part. You’ll want to measure from the neckline to the widest part of your chest. The next step is to measure the length of the blazer. Make sure that the bottom of the blazer is the same length as the top. Look at the armhole too. Measure from the neckline to the bottom of the shoulder. The last thing you need to consider is the length of the sleeves. Make sure that the sleeves are long enough. It is okay if they aren't, though. Most men tend to wear them rolled up, so there is no reason why yours shouldn't be.

 Find the Right Style Blazer For Women.

If you want to look stylish, you should look for a blazer that is right for you. There are so many different styles available today. However, finding the right one isn't easy.

You should check out the length of the sleeve and the blazer. Try to make sure that the bottom of the blazer is the same length as the top. This should ensure that the jacket doesn't get too baggy. If it's not long enough, you should ask the seller to cut it. Make sure that the armhole is wide enough to fit comfortably. If the sleeve doesn't have a lot of movement, then you should stick with something else. However, if it has a lot of movement, then you should choose this style.

You should check the color of the blazer. Choose a color that you like. You may also wish to have the lining done in the same color. This will make the overall effect of the blazer seem more professional.

 Pick Blazer for women with the Right Color

If you're going to wear a blazer, you should first select the color. It is important to consider the color that you want to wear. Select a color that you like. If you're going to wear this blazer with your formal clothes, then you should consider picking a neutral color. Try to avoid bright colors if you're going to wear it casually. A bright color may not look right in casual wear. You should also pay attention to the material. If you’re going to wear this blazer with formal clothes, then you should select a more refined material. You should avoid polyester, because it is too casual. It's better to choose something that is more refined. You should also be aware of the length of the blazer. If it's too short, you may end up looking like a little kid. If it is too long, it may be too much. It will look like you're wearing a sack.

Add Accessories

If you’re not sure what accessories go well with your blazer, consider these tips.

  • First, try adding a scarf or necktie. These accessories add interest to your outfit without taking away from the blazer itself.
  • Second, consider adding a belt. It adds definition to your waistline and helps keep your pants up.
  • Third, consider adding a pair of shoes. They can be as simple as black pumps or as extravagant as stilettos.
  • Fourth, consider adding jewelry. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings are easy ways to accessorize.
  • Fifth, consider adding sunglasses. They can be as subtle as aviators or as bold as cat eye glasses.
  • Sixth, consider adding a purse. It can be as small as a handbag or as large as a shoulder bag.
  • Seventh, consider adding a hat. It can be as simple as a baseball cap or as elaborate as a fedora.
  • Eighth, consider adding a watch. It can be as casual as a wristwatch or as formal as a pocket watch.
  • Ninth, consider adding a phone case. It can be as plain as a wallet or as fancy as a smartphone cover.
  • Tenth, consider adding a keychain. It can be as functional as a carabiner or as decorative as a lanyard.

 Wear it Well.

The first thing that you should do to make sure that your blazer fits you perfectly is to take it off and check it out. See if the fit is good. You should also make sure that it looks good on you. A blazer doesn't have to be perfect. Just make sure that it fits your figure. Once you are done checking out the fit, you should take care of it. You should wash it every now and then. Doing this will help you to extend the life of the blazer. You should be careful when you are washing it, however. You don't want to over-wash it. If you do, you might damage it. You should look for any tears or stains in your blazer. If you notice any of those, you should get them fixed immediately. Once you are done with it, you should store it in a safe place. If you don't have a safe place, you should put it in a plastic bag.


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