Casual Yet Professional: Working Women Outfit Ideas

Casual Yet Professional: Working Women Outfit Ideas


Are you a newly intern who is trying to give the very first good impression to your co-workers? Wearing eye-catching apparel  is one of the ways. Being a worker means that you’re required to be professional. Every company has its regulations when it comes to attire ethics and somehow, this becomes the aspect that stops you from dressing with styles. But don’t worry! We will give you the work outfit ideas that you could always wear to work!

You’ve been diving to Pinterest, Google and going back and forth but still having trouble in finding the best work outfit ideas. Go no further! We will provide you with various stylish office outfit ideas that could make every jaw drop! For the record, you can immediately shop it at our website! Check out now and get 20% off your first purchase!

Patterned Button-ups


Everything patterned doesn’t have to be informal. Patterned button-up is one of the work outfit ideas summer. A flowy button-up shirt with a unique pattern can be worn to work. Mix it with high-waist semi-jeans and a pair of boots or high heels, then voila! A casual work outfit!


Blazer is a must when in terms of work outfit. This can be one of the appealing plus size work outfit ideas! Anyone with any size can wear a blazer. Blazer comes with various sizes that are suitable for any body type. Also, blazers are the outfit accent that defines your professionalism.

To make it look more casual but still gives a professional touch, you can wear a plaid or tartan blazer with roll up sleeves and match it with a t-shirt as an inner. Also a stiletto could never go wrong with blazers and jeans!

Midi Skirts

As a starting point of a women's summer work outfit ideas, midi skirts are very recommended because of its ability to create a casually stylish look. Midi skirts are perfect for those of you who dare to dress in an elegant way. A pair of kitten heels or ankle boots is definitely the friend of every midi skirt!


If you’re working over the summer, shirtdress can be your very best friend of summer work outfit ideas! The casual yet professional look that a shirtdress can give will make every pair of eyes catch you! A shirtdress with sneakers and belt will make you look more chic, but still professional.

A shirtdress also could be the example of plus size work outfit ideas summer since it comes with different sizes, so any body type can wear it too! A plain shirtdress with a medium-sized handbag is the pair that you should give a go!

Professional Yoga Pants

Who said that wearing yoga pants counts as a lazy outfit? It is actually not! In fact, yoga pants with a textured sweatshirt or a patterned tank top and cardigan will give you casual yet professional work outfit ideas! This is also suitable for one of the options for women’s winter work outfit ideas! A long coat and sweatpants paired with ankle boots are very trendy!

Floral Midi Dress

A long-sleeve or medium-sleeve floral midi dress can always be worn to work! With the right mix and match, it will create a very feminine outfit that looks professional. A pair of wedges and or sneakers will fit this stylish look! For the record, a floral midi dress is one of the valentine’s day work outfit ideas because of the romantic look it will present!

If you’re the type of person who dare to try anything for outfits, you can be experimental on your working attire as long as it meets your office regulations.

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