Do you know what the difference between a woman skirt and a man skirt is?

The key point to remember here is that skirts are designed for both men and women. They can be made for women with more stretch, or less stretch. But that is about all there is to it.

Because the vast majority of women skits in existence today have their own unique design which is usually pretty short. That’s it. That is the whole story.

The truth is that there are several types of women skits in existence today. Some of them are more attractive than others. But the bottom line is that most skirts look the same.

I’m going to take you through the classic styles of skirts and show you exactly how to pick out the right one for you. So if you want to start buying skirts today, then read on...

Classic Skirt Styles

There is a reason why skirts are a wardrobe necessity: a skirt from ten years ago might still be in style today. Any skirt can feel current when worn with a fashionable top or classic when worn with a button-down shirt. Skirts are the ideal clothing items to experiment with.

A-Line Skirt

An A-line skirt is exactly what it sounds like: a design with a "A" form. This sort of skirt is fitted at the waist and flares out at the bottom, typically hitting just above or at the knee.

Asymmetrical Skirt

Consider an asymmetrical skirt, which has hemlines of various lengths, if you want a playful variation on a skirt. It might have a bias cut, with one side being lower than the other, across the body. Another meaning is a front hem that is shorter than the back.

Bubble Skirt

You feel brave? Since the 1950s, the eye-catching bubble skirt has been a favorite due to its puffy form and fabric that tucks under at the hem. Although it's become a common element of prom gowns, there are also informal bubble skirts that are ideal for a day out.

Circular Skirt

A circular skirt has a hem that forms a perfect circle and is also referred to as a swing skirt when it extends past the knee. This design is frequently used for tennis skirts since it allows for effortless mobility and has a fitted waistline and flared silhouette.

Cowl Skirt

This style of skirt gives the appearance of being voluminous in the front by adding fullness just below the waist. 

Draped Skirt

A draped skirt has fabric fullness or gathering on one side to resemble a playful sarong. 

High-Waist Skirt

This high-rise kind of skirt hugs your natural waist and draws attention to that area of your body. It's a timeless design that looks great with both A-line and pencil skirts. 

Maxi Skirt

The hem of a maxi skirt is long and falls at the ankle or lower. 

Mermaid Skirt

This particular style of skirt displays a long, flared tail that resembles a mermaid's.


One of the 1960s' most iconic looks was the miniskirt, thanks to designer Mary Quant. Its high, above-the-knee hemline is referenced in the name. Miniskirts come in a variety of styles, such as high-waisted miniskirts and micro miniskirts that reach at least the middle of the thigh. 

Pencil Skirt

A pencil skirt has a straight cut that narrows at the knees and is popular among women because it offers a polished appearance in professional situations.

Pleated Skirt

If you hear the phrase "pleated skirt," you might picture kilts or school clothes. There are actually many different kinds of pleated skirts, including both ones with wide and narrow pleats. There are numerous lengths available for pleated skirts. 

Tiered Skirt

A tiered skirt is a terrific choice for a playful bohemian appearance. The hem of the skirt is embellished with tiers of gathered, ruffled fabric in this style. It gives off a relaxed, flowy appearance.

Trumpet Skirt

A trumpet skirt has a tight fit from the waist to the top of the hem and flares out at the bottom for a distinctive appearance. 

Tulip Skirt

This kind of skirt is wider in the middle than at the hem or waist due to its overlapping panels and asymmetrical hem. The final appearance resembles an inverted flower. 

Wrap Skirt

Even though the idea behind this skirt style is straightforward—a one-piece skirt that wraps around the body and is tied with ties or a button—it nevertheless manages to look chic and put-together. Additionally, this skirt fits all body types.

Yoke Skirt

A yoke that wraps around the hips and the skirt below make up this design, which is also referred to as a hip-hugger skirt. The actual yoke may be asymmetrical, straight, or triangular in design.

Best Skirts for Each Body Type

You can find it difficult to decide which sorts of skirts suit your form best given the wide variety that are available. There are a variety of skirts that will look great on any body type. 


You should opt for a skirt that doesn't overpower your little frame if you are diminutive (5'4" or shorter). Ideal options include: 

  • Miniskirts
  • Wrap Skirts

Tall & Lean

Take use of your height if you have a long, slim figure by wearing skirts like: 

  • Maxi skirts
  • Wrap skirts

Hourglass Shaped

You have an hourglass body if your waist is thinner than your hips, which are almost the same size. These skirts will draw attention to your tiny waist: 

  • Pencil skirts
  • Circle skirts
  • High-waist skirts
  • Mermaid skirts
  • Wrap skirts

Pear Shaped

Try some of these skirt styles if you want to balance your bust, waist, and hips and have broad hips and narrow shoulders:

  • A-line skirts
  • Circle skirts
  • Wrap skirts
  • Tulip skirts


Try out different skirts to see whether ones highlight your slim form or add some curves. Try: 

  • Asymmetrical skirts
  • Bubble skirts
  • Wrap skirts
  • Miniskirts

Apple Shaped

A wide middle and narrow shoulders and hips define an apple-shaped physique. With one of these kinds of skirts, those with this figure can accentuate their waistline: 

  • High-waisted skirts
  • Tiered skirts
  • Pleated skirts
  • Wrap skirts

Have fun trying on different woman skirts to find your favorites because there are so many different styles to select from.

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