A Comprehensive Guide To Every Single Dress Code For Wedding Dinner Event

A Comprehensive Guide To Every Single Dress Code For Wedding Dinner Event

As soon as we’re done with our daily lives, we begin to prepare ourselves for the next one. So if you’re a bride or groom who’s looking forward to getting married in the near future, then you’ll surely need to learn about the latest trends in wedding party dresses, and the right dress codes to follow.

Because at the end of the day, every wedding event is an event where you need to look your absolute best. And a lot of it comes down to your choice of attire. For example, a traditional black dress won’t cut it if you’re going to an outdoor reception. But if you’re going for a rustic country affair, a flouncy cocktail dress will likely do the trick.

If you go out there unprepared, you’re going to spend countless hours scouring through websites, trying to find the perfect dress.

In this article, I’m going to give you a comprehensive guide to every single dress code for wedding dinner events. So whether you’re looking forward to a wedding in the near future or not, you’re going to find out everything you need to know about the latest trends in wedding party dresses.

So if you want to get started on building your wardrobe now, then read on...

Guidelines to What to Wear to a Wedding Dinner In Singapore


Different wedding protocols necessitate different types of clothes, whether the wedding is formal, semi-formal, or informal. For a more formal setting, such as an evening supper at an upscale restaurant or ballroom, visitors should dress elegantly and tastefully. For the females, floor-length gowns with heels and a modest handbag would be ideal.

Guests can be more adventurous and imaginative with their attire for a more relaxed setting, such as a garden party or an afternoon luncheon by the ocean. Choose knee- to ankle-length dresses that offer more flexibility and bright/light colors that are more vibrant rather than lengthy dresses because long dresses would be difficult to hold up all day when standing on the sand.

Relationship to the couple

Every wedding will include many categories of guests, typically divided into family, friends, and coworkers. More effort should be put forth for members of the bride's or groom's immediate family, such as their parents or siblings. Since you'll be hosting the guests and mingling with your extended family, you'll want to look your best and presentable, especially for the couple's parents. 

There isn't much to be careful of when it comes to the friends and coworkers of the pair. As long as you're not a bridesmaid or groomsman, there won't be a dress code; instead, you can wear whichever the occasion dictates.


You should dress comfortably and appropriately for the setting, depending on where the couple is having their wedding celebration. 

Keep as cool as you can when attending an outdoor wedding, especially if the location is not covered. Choose materials that are lightweight and breathable to make it easier for you to endure the heat. The men can forgo the blazer while maintaining the formality of the event and wear a collared shirt, short sleeve, or three-quarter sleeve instead.

Things To Avoid Wearing To A Wedding

Too casual

Even if the majority of Singaporean couples don't have strict dress codes, there are still several outfits that visitors should never wear. Slippers, jeans, shorts, and berms are strictly prohibited. A disrespect to the couple would result from wearing too casual an outfit for such an important ceremony. You obviously hold a particular position in the couple's lives if you were invited to their wedding. It is an honor to be allowed to witness this important milestone in the couple's life. If you're unsure of what constitutes too casual, a simple rule of thumb is that you shouldn't dress as you would for a regular day out.

Overdressing the bride/groom

Obviously, the bride and groom would be the headliners of the wedding. Therefore, it's crucial to avoid dressing so ostentatiously that you outshine the bride or groom and wind up depriving the couple of attention. 

When I once attended a wedding, the bride opted for a more understated wedding dress, but there were a few women who dressed better than the bride. I heard someone say during the ceremony that the bride didn't look like a bride. It was a really embarrassing situation, even if we can't really blame those ladies for overdressing because the bride actually wore a casual gown.

Avoiding wearing white or ivory dresses is a key rule for the ladies. Because brides typically wear white wedding gowns, it would be rude to draw attention to yourself or cause the wedding party to mistake you for the bride.

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