What to Wear to a Job Interview: Women's Edition

What to Wear to a Job Interview: Women's Edition

A lot of women go to great lengths to look their best when they get dressed to go for a job interview. And if you are wondering what to wear, then you need to know that while there are different types of dresses that look great on different types of women, you need to make sure that you always wear a dress that is slim fitting and that flatters your figure.

Women who have tried on a lot of dresses during their job interviews usually end up wearing something that doesn't flatter their figure at all. So while they may feel that they look amazing in this particular dress, in reality, they look completely horrible in it.

In this article, I’m going to show you some of the best dresses for job interviews. And each one of them looks great on every type of woman.

If you want to avoid looking like an idiot in front of your interviewer, then read on

What qualifies as appropriate attire to wear to an interview?

When it comes to a job interview, any one of the following colors is appropriate to wear: black, white, gray, navy blue, brown, or beige. You can show professionalism while wearing subtle hues of light blue, pastel pink, or light yellow. For interviews, you can wear dress pants, pencil skirts, knee-length dresses, blazers, neutral or light-colored shirts, sweaters, cardigans, tights, and suits. Closed-toe heels, flats, or short boots should be worn for formal occasions. 

Avoid flip flops, loud accessories, knee-high boots, anything furry, bright colors, and perfumes with strong scents. Additionally, be sure to do your homework in advance and determine the type of business you are interviewing for in terms of attire. As an illustration, here's how you should dress for the most common type of companies

Business Casual

You can wear dress slacks, a pencil skirt, a knee-length dress, and a good top or button-down shirt. Despite the moniker being "casual," you should nonetheless seem polished, professional, and well-groomed. 

Business Formal

For a more formal atmosphere, you should wear a knee-length dress with a jacket, a pantsuit, a statement dress, dress pants, or a pencil skirt. For this job interview, you want to appear as polished and business-appropriate as you can.

Artistic Job

You can dress more stylishly, but keep it simple and organized. For instance, you could include a handmade piece of jewelry, extra color, or a striking bag. 

What are the appropriate outfit combinations for the many positions you will be applying for or potential interview scenarios now that you know what kind of clothing you should be wearing?

What to wear to a job interview in every situation


For an internship interview, recruiters and hiring managers won't anticipate you to be wearing a full suit, but you should still look professional and make an effort to come across as well-groomed as you can. You may seem professional without spending a fortune by wearing a good dress or pencil skirt with a nice shirt.

Startup positions

Startup positions frequently have more lax dress codes than higher-level ones. The way you dress for this kind of informal interview is comparable to how you would for an internship. Even though you want to make a good impression, overdressing could make everyone feel uneasy and reveal that you didn't do your homework in advance.

Entry-level positions

When deciding how to dress for an interview for an entry-level position, consider the company's culture. Dress slacks, a pencil skirt, and a good blouse can do if the dress code is business casual or if you can't find the information. Put on a suit or a dress and jacket if the business is professional.

Mid-to-Senior level positions

If you don't know the workplace culture is informal at this point in your career, wear business formal. In this kind of interview, you will probably be going forward in your work, therefore you want to present yourself as competent and prepared for the additional responsibilities.

Management and executive positions

The only acceptable attire for management or executive roles is business formal. You're applying for a leadership role, so you should present yourself as professionally as you can to show that you're up for the responsibilities that come with the position. To let recruiters know you have what it takes to lead others right away, you should dress in a way that exudes strength and presence.

Skype or video interviews

When it comes to dress, Skype and video interviews for jobs should be considered the same as in-person ones. You should use the aforementioned advice for online interviews depending on the level of the employment you are applying for. The interviewer doesn't want to see your messy room behind you, so make sure your video interview is in a setting that is professional and acceptable for the interview.

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