How To Look Classy and Elegant? 5 Tips To Perfect Your Look!

How To Look Classy and Elegant? 5 Tips To Perfect Your Look!

Talking about classy, what do you think of being classy? Well, to be fair, being classy is all about elegance. The word classy itself means stylish and sophisticated. Surprisingly, you do not have to buy some pricy outfits to make yourself look classy. It is enough with simplicity. The one that matters the most is how to look classy and elegant, correct? But before getting into that, let’s know some more about classy style.

What is Classy?

Classy in fashion is the kind of style that can make you look expensive and rich. Some might say that classy style gives you an impression of simplicity and elegance at the same time, which is actually a nice thing. You probably need a new style to adapt to your new working environment, or when moving to a new place. Here, classy can alter your sophisticated look in no time.

Additionally, a classy style is needed for almost every occasion. It can be worn for a brunch appointment, work, shopping, or even travelling. Why does it seem like a classy style fits with everything? The answer is because classy has no limitation in time. You can wear a classy outfit and continue to wear it for the next five years. This trend will never fade!

Combine Your Own Style with Classy Style

Do not get out of your own style. Although perhaps being classy could make a difference towards your previous style, you are able to combine them both, for sure! Whether you prefer minimalistic, street style, grunge, even Bohemian, classy style is always attached with those kinds of style.

To be classy and elegant every day, you need not change your whole preferences of styling to something that is really new. You can absolutely try to mix what style you have been wearing with classy ones. There, you are not out of your style, yet you upgrade it. Of course, with more of a classy and rich look. Now, the question is, “How to look expensive and classy at the same time without spending too much money?”

Dress Yourself with These Classy Style Tips

 All the Materials You Can Try

First up, dress pants. Classy is identical to dress pants. You can also wear a pair of jeans if you prefer street or Bohemian style. However, there is a saying that wearing jeans is not really appropriate and does not make you look elegant. But do not worry, you can still wear jeans on a daily basis. In fact, it is perfect for casual shopping or travelling! Not only dress pants or jeans, but you can also wear a cashmere outer and v-neck shirt.

Patterns and Colors

To start off a simple and classy look, you can go with natural color clothes such as beige, cream, black, white, and navy. Simplicity comes with simple choices of color. What will be wrong wearing a natural-classy style for any occasion?

If you want prints and a more bold look in classy style, use outfits that have simple patterns. Simple, but not too much. Do not forget to add it with accessories e.g. belt or scarf.


Show Your Figure

It does not matter if you want to show your figure a little bit. This can be done by wearing mid to floor-length dresses, skirts, or slightly wide-leg pants. Basically, a classy and elegant look can be combined with blazers, suit sets, and blouses. By showing your figure, still, do not overexpose. For example, do not reveal your bra when wearing sleeveless dresses because it makes you less luxurious.

Accessories = Not Too Many

 If you put on too many accessories, it would not be a classy and elegant style, otherwise you would present as a more fancy one. Just wear a pearl earring or a simple necklace to finish your look. For the shoes, you can try pump shoes, pointy heels, flats, or boots with natural color.

Hair and Makeup is Important

Besides all of the main points to create an expensive and classy look, there should be enough time to do your hair and makeup! A ponytail or a sleek bun can be perfectly fine with classy style. Moreover, try adding some natural makeup, especially for you who wear classy to go to work or have a proper brunch.

Do not have to look classy and elegant everyday with a form-fitting style! Combine a striped shirt, blazer or cashmere outer, pointy heels or ballet flats, dress pants or maxi skirt, then you are ready to rock. Want to know more about classy looks? Check out these Nimisski outfits!

Striped Cotton-Linen Wide-Leg Pants

Although you can wear these wide-leg pants to hang out on the beach, the simple stripe pattern and wide size suit you well with classy style. You can mix these pants with monochromatic or pastel colored tops.