How To Dress To Look Younger At Your 30

How To Dress To Look Younger At Your 30

Looking younger can be one of the most difficult things to accomplish as we get older. What I mean is, as we age, we gain weight. We lose our hair. Our skin turns yellow. And our wrinkles become more pronounced.

Aging isn’t something you should have to suffer through alone. That’s why I wrote this article about how to look younger at your 30s and 40s. You see, as we age, the number one thing people do is gain weight.

Most people don’t realize how much their body changes as they age. And because of this, they begin to feel bad about themselves.

And that leads them to go out and buy ridiculous diets and exercise regimes just to try to make themselves feel better about their body. But all these things actually end up making things worse.

If you want to know how to dress to look younger at your 30s and 40s, then read on...

Best Tips for Dressing Well in Your 30s

Ditch the leather mini skirts

A list of what to wear in your 30s wouldn't be complete without some items you should get rid of. You need a couple more fabric bolts now that you're in your 30s. Change out your college-era tiny skirts with a timeless, always-appropriate pencil skirt. How about if it's leather? Don't even consider it.

Upgrade your camisole

Ladies, the days of packing five cotton camis into your shopping basket for a good $20 deal are long gone. Choose a more expensive camisole that is lace-partially covered, slinky, or silky.

Buy blouses, not shirts

Nobody is advising you to throw away your Justin Bieber concert tank, which cost $50. We're only suggesting that you store it neatly in the back of your drawer and only wear it to bed or possibly the gym (since it's definitely on the list of things to avoid wearing after the age of 30). You should only consider blouses and sweaters while shopping for tops; avoid t-shirts at all costs.

Draw a line between your going-out heels and your work heels

It's no longer acceptable to own heels that can serve two purposes. Your work heels should be a whole different species from your heels for going out. It's best to keep office heels at kitten height. Do you have anything leopard-colored? Don't even consider it.

Swap the windbreaker for something serious

It's no longer socially acceptable to run through the rain on a rainy day and arrive at work drenched. A trench coat is both a stylish and useful remedy for the (at times, literally) damp mess of your twenties. Spend a lot of money on a premium trench coat—think Nimisski—and you'll have it for a lifetime.

Wear better tights

First, be careful to look after your tights. In other words, they shouldn't just be put back in your drawer after use; they need actually be washed. Second, you need to get rid of any stockings with loud patterns as soon as possible. Use this guideline: Only in black, gray, and Swiss-dot.

Wear ankle-length pants to the office

When you reach the age of 30, tapered-ankle pants are more in vogue than slim jeans.

Shell out some cash for your bag

Even if you're doing errands, you can't use that free tote you received from a New Yorker subscription as your go-to bag any longer. Think about purchasing a Madewell tote in genuine leather (or, if you like, a vegan leather option) or spending money on a designer bag like Coach or CÉLINE.

Keep your sneakers at the gym

Okay, so they don't actually need to be in a musty locker at the gym. Just be aware that the gym is the only place where gym sneakers are appropriate.

Is there a universally flattering colour to make everyone look younger?

I regret to say no. Your skin tone, hair color, and age all play a role in which colors look best on you, she explained.

"When you are wearing a color that flatters you, it has the capacity to define (or minimize) your body shape, making you look thinner and lift your complexion by reflecting attractive light onto your face. Therefore, it is definitely worthwhile to take the time to figure out what colors work for you; however, keep in mind that these are not usually the hues or tones that are now in style.

While there are many various colors and tints, according to Orla, all colors may be categorized into two basic groups: warm colors and cold colors.

"Cool" colors have more blue tones, whilst "warm" colors have more yellow tones.

You must first ascertain your own skin tone, whether it is cool or warm, before taking into account your age, hair color, and skin tone. This makes it much simpler to choose a color palette for your clothing that you will wear for many years to come, she adds.

People with warm skin tones typically look their best in warm colors, and vice versa.

What colours make you look younger?

The colors cream, off-white, tan, and gold reflect light onto the face and make us appear younger. Orla asserts that muted pinks and light lilacs can also be incredibly effective in turning back time.

Blacks and greys should be avoided since they might cast shadows on the face and make you look older.

If you just adore black, she advises adding a scarf, statement jewelry, or false collar for a splash of color.

quick guide to colour: 

You have black hair and fair skin.

Choose delicate hues instead of bold ones, such as off-white, rose pink, coral, lavender, powder blue, teal, and lavender.

You have light skin and hair.

Look for color tones that subtly contrast with your skin tone and stay away from colors that make you look pale; in general, this means avoiding pastels (or wear a good fake tan or bronzer). Your best choice is to use mid-tone and deeper tones.

Dark skin and dark hair describe you.

Wear striking hues including bright, hot pink, cobalt blue, and yellow. Both color clashing and color blocking look great.

You have olive complexion and light hair.

Since olive skin often tans quite well in the sun, you can wear a wide range of colors in the summer. However, because your complexion has yellow or green overtones, avoid wearing colors that are too similar to your own skin tone. Wear mid-tones of pinks, reds, and blues instead of greens and yellows. Off-white clothing also looks great.

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