How To Style A Satin Dress, Your Newest Staple

How To Style A Satin Dress, Your Newest Staple

Your newest wardrobe essential, the slinky satin slip dress, is here. This dress might not seem like much, but it actually has a lot of style options; you can wear it to create a lot of various appearances. For the office or even a night out, you can dress it up; alternatively, you can put together a more laid-back ensemble that would be ideal for a girls' brunch on the weekend. 

You will be the center of attention everywhere you go because of the way the dress' liquid satin shimmers and shines in the light. Eight different ways to wear a satin dress are listed below:

With a T-shirt

With a satin dress and a plain t-shirt, you can put together a variety of looks. For example, you might wear the t-shirt underneath the dress for a laid-back, young appearance that goes best with sneakers. 

Alternately, do a complete shift by putting the shirt over the dress to make it look like you're wearing a tee and a skirt. Wear a belt over the dress and tuck the shirt into that if you want to "tuck in" the shirt. Change the plain shirt for a graphic one to add some edge to your appearance. If it's a grunge band tee, bonus points!

With a mesh blouse

Do you find the simple satin dress boring? Wear a lightweight mesh top underneath to change it up and spice up your look.


With a long-sleeved top beneath

You can pretty much wear your satin dress anywhere as long as you wear a turtleneck or crisp collared blouse underneath. This outfit, in our opinion, works particularly well when you want to dress modestly while still flaunting a lovely dress.

With a long-sleeved blouse worn over

Alternatively, if your dress is too tight but you like the chic look of wearing a blouse with it, why not try layering the top over the dress?

With a cardigan

Put on a cozy, baggy cardigan to achieve a casual, feminine look that is ideal for window shopping or seeing a movie in a theater.

With a sweater

If you like the cardigan and dress combo but would prefer a bit extra coverage, put on a sweater.


With a blazer

Overlay the dress with an oversized blazer for a stylish style that will work for both day and night. Put on some heels if you want to go all out glam. Conversely, a pair of clean, white sneakers will also work.

With a belt

Put on a belt over your dress to give your figure some shape! Choose a chunky belt to draw attention or a slim belt for a more understated appearance. As an alternative, you could choose a statement corset belt to really highlight your figure.

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