The Cheongsam Journey in Singapore - An In-Depth Look at Modern Cheongsam Styles

The Cheongsam Journey in Singapore - An In-Depth Look at Modern Cheongsam Styles

Confused about where to buy cheongsam in Singapore? Are you bewildered by the plethora of choices when shopping for a cheongsam dress in Singapore? If you're unsure where to begin, you're not alone.

Choosing a cheongsam dress is like choosing any other clothing piece. The style and color must resonate with your personality.

While it may seem like all cheongsam dresses are the same, that's not the case. Each cheongsam shop in Singapore has its unique style, cut, and color palette, making them distinct.

In this article, we’ll delve into the various cheongsam dresses available in the market, what sets them apart, and which modern cheongsam dress may be best suited to you.

So if you're ready to dive into the world of modern cheongsam in Singapore, read on…

Unraveling the History of Cheongsam Dresses

The journey of the cheongsam dress started in China, believed to be about 4,000 years ago. However, it wasn't until the Tang Dynasty that the cheongsam dress truly evolved. The style then was a short dress with tight fitting garments, usually in black and white and featured a large bow at the waist.

The Song Dynasty saw the addition of more colors. By the Ming Dynasty, the cheongsam dresses still bore a strong resemblance to their predecessors but now exhibited a broader color palette, including reds and greens, and the bodices were longer and looser. Despite the passage of time, the cheongsam dress had barely changed by the 19th century's end, and by the early 20th century, it fell out of popularity in China.

Singapore Cheongsam Shop Offerings: Exploring Various Types of Cheongsam Dressing

Mandarin Collar Dress

This short-length dress with a tight fitting bodice and full skirt is a popular choice throughout the year, particularly during summer in Singapore.

Mandarin Jacket

As the most popular type of modern cheongsam in Singapore, this long-length dress with a high collar is typically worn during the winter.

Mandarin Skirt

Resembling the Mandarin Jacket but sans a fitted bodice, this dress is typically worn during both summer and winter.

Wearing a Cheongsam Dress - Do's and Don'ts in Singapore

As we've seen, cheongsam dresses come in various styles with different lengths and collars. At a reputable cheongsam shop in Singapore like Nimisski, you'll find both styles. If you choose to wear one style, consider complementing it with the other as well. But beware, a large collar can make you appear older than your actual age.

Chinese women wearing a long-length dress often complement it with a jacket. Short-length dress wearers can also wear a jacket, but it's best to avoid this in hot weather. It’s also essential to wear a belt and a pair of stockings.

Consider wearing a blouse underneath your dress. You can wear pants or leggings underneath your dress too. A belt around your waist will ensure your dress stays in place. When wearing a cheongsam dress, it's best to avoid heavy jewelry. Instead, opt for flat heels to create a long line for your dress. However, comfort should be a priority as you will be on your feet for a long time.

The Formal Cheongsam Dress

This dress, a combination of a jacket and a skirt, is perfect for formal events such as weddings. This modern cheongsam dress is incredibly suitable for such grand occasions.

Tips for Wearing a Cheongsam Dress in Singapore

Ensure your dress length is longer than your shoe size, and your dress is well cared for. Wearing the right shoes to match your dress is crucial. High shoes may cause you to trip. Accessories should be minimal to avoid an uneven look.

Wearing the right color is essential, and it should complement your skin tone. Consider wearing your hair up, and if your hair is down, you may need a hairpiece. Also, pay close attention to the dress details. The neckline should be higher than the shoulder, and the dress should feature a slight V-shaped design. It should cover the area above the waist.

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