NIMISSKI - The women’s fashion established brand for 12 years

NIMISSKI  - The women’s fashion established brand for 12 years


The women’s fashion Brand NIMISSKI was founded in 2010 by Niki Han.

With ardent Enthusiasm in fashion and intense desire to pursue resonate and recognition of independent women in this modern society, NIMISSKI specializes in designing and producing  high-end women’s fashion with originality. Now in Singapore, the brand has its own renowned designer’s collection of women’s fashion and ‘NIMISSKI sportswear’.


Our Brand Story

With 4 stores in the most crowded shopping area in Singapore (Suntec City, Far East Plaza, Paragon & Design Orchard), NIMISSKI always practise the aesthetics of fashion in its concept by focusing on women’s perspectives, expressing awareness of independence and urban modernity in design that fit workplace, home and daily life. NIMISSKI reflects women’s styles, self-expression and freedom in fashion.



1. Liberation and Presentation of Self
In this contemporary society, women have the right to choose. Initiate the change! Just pick & match your own style with NIMISSKI.

 2. Unique and irreplaceable
You are so charming with the fashion style that you picked for yourself out of millions fashion look. You are unique, you are remarkable, you just glow! 

3. Neat is the new Black
Fashion no long represents exaggerate look of celebrities under flashlight. Forget about the redundancy and let’s return to simplicity.

Look! How beautiful it is.


Brand Vision

NIMISSKI has always been committed to the development of women's fashion. Elegance and the aesthetics of colours is in our blood. Together we share and grow. NIMISSKI is beautiful, and you are gorgeous.

As a designer’s fashion brand, NIMISSKI is a platform that deliver the value of women's independence as well as self-belonging. We create fashion that make women charming, confident, and beautiful.

The founder aims to express different aspects of life and fashion with passion towards this industry; to explore the changing of women’s lives with the essential of life - clothing. Because she always believes that with the awareness of women-independency nowadays, women should have say on their own choices.


Suntec City 
# 01-471, 3 Temasek Blvd Singapore 038983
Opening hours :
Mon - Sun
11am - 9pm
Far East Plaza 
#03-50, 14 Scotts Rd Singapore 228213
Opening hours :
Mon - Sun
11am - 9pm 
#03-49/50, 290 Orchard Road Singapore 238859
Opening hours : 
Mon - Sun
11am - 9pm 
Design Orchard
250 Orchard Road,  Singapore 238905
Opening hours :
Mon - Sun
11am - 8pm