NIMISSKI - The women’s fashion established brand for 12 years

NIMISSKI - The women’s fashion established brand for 12 years

The women’s fashion Brand, NIMISSKI was founded in 2010 by Niki Han.  With a passion for fashion, NIMISSKI produces high-end women's fashion with distinctive originality. The company's designs are original and unique, reflecting a woman's individual style to be the best of themselves. Now in Singapore, the brand has its own prestigious designer’s collection of women’s fashion and ‘NIMISSKI sportswear’.

NIMISSKI Brand Story

With 4 stores in the most crowded shopping area in Singapore (Suntec City, Far East Plaza, Paragon & Design Orchard), NIMISSKI always practise the aesthetics of fashion in its concept by focusing on women’s perspectives, expressing awareness of independence and urban modernity in design that fit workplace, home and daily life. NIMISSKI reflects women’s styles, self-expression and freedom in fashion.

The Concept of NIMISSKI

Liberation and Presentation of Self

Women in this contemporary society have the right to choose. Initiate the change! Just pick & match your own style with NIMISSKI as we provide every style for you to choose. 

NIMISSKI consists of many layers of style, from the simple yet comfortable T-shirt to the elegant and sophisticated dress as well as sportswear. This trend can be used by both men and women. It is a combination of casual and formal wear that is perfect for the office or any event.

Unique and irreplaceable

You have a great sense of fashion, and have you been able to pick a style that would compliment your own personality? Create your own unique and irreplaceable style with NIMISSKI fashion. What's greater than being able to represent your unique self through the diverse choice from NIMISSKI clothes?

Neat is the new Black

Are you the type of person who loves simple and neat style? NIMISSKI has just the right clothes for you.  Fashion no longer represents the exaggerated looks of celebrities when they're photographed under flashlights. Forget about the redundancy, the overpriced brands and let’s return to simplicity with the best quality material from the best local brand such as NIMISSKI.

NIMISSKI's vision

NIMISSKI has always been committed to the development of women's fashion. Colour and the aesthetics of beauty are in our blood. Our tastes are refined, and our senses are highly developed following the latest trends but still bringing our own unique signature.

Founded in 2010, NIMISSKI has always followed a path that is both natural and artistic. The combination of modernity and femininity for women's fashion, the unique personality of each of us and the harmony between our design and manufacturing teams, have made NIMISSKI a label of reference. With a growing portfolio of ready-to-wear collections for the home, work, leisure and travel, NIMISSKI has also expanded its range of products and services. We are a brand that is constantly developing and adapting to changing times.

As a designer’s fashion brand, NIMISSKI is a platform for delivering the values of women's independence as well as self-belonging. We make clothes that give women a charming, confident, and beautiful look. 

The founder wants to express different aspects of life and fashion with passion towards this industry; to explore the changing of women’s lives with the essential of life – clothing. A fashion line that gives women an opportunity to express their unique personalities. 

NIMISSKI as your one-stop shopping place 

As a high-end best quality brand for women's fashion, NIMISSKI is the ultimate choice for effective one-stop shopping for your style. Nimisski's collection you can choose from:

  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • Jacket
  • One piece clothing
  • Clothing sets
  • Accessories

Nimisski Women's Clothing Women's Clothing We are committed to providing our customers with the best service and best products in the world. We believe that the customer should be satisfied at every stage of the purchasing process. This means that we listen carefully to the needs of our customers and create products and services that meet those needs. We are always looking for ways to improve our service to our customers and our products.

Visit our store in your nearest city

Suntec City 

# 01-471, 3 Temasek Blvd Singapore 038983


Opening hours :

Mon - Sun

11am - 9pm

Far East Plaza 

#03-50, 14 Scotts Rd Singapore 228213


Opening hours :

Mon - Sun

11am - 9pm 


#03-49/50, 290 Orchard Road Singapore 238859


Opening hours : 

Mon - Sun

11am - 9pm 

Design Orchard

250 Orchard Road,  Singapore 238905

Opening hours :

Mon - Sun

11am - 8pm