Rediscovering your style as a mom with Nimisski

Rediscovering your style as a mom with Nimisski

How to design a fantastic wardrobe is one of the most popular queries moms today have. I'm sure a lot of moms will agree that when you are caring for a little child, it is all about comfort and wearability. It might be difficult to get inspired to change out of your sweatpants or your normal easy-on work uniform when mommy-ing consumes so much of your time and energy. However, it is said that when you look good, you feel wonderful. You already know that at Nimisski, we believe in investing in wardrobe essentials that will last us through the seasons and years, while mixing it up with fun accessories and standout items.


We also believe that fashion and style do not have to be prohibitively expensive. Who says just children's outfits need to be updated on a regular basis? It is a universal rule of parenting that the fresher our garment is, the more sticky fingers and dirty hands will be drawn to it. That is why this mom capsule wardrobe is made up of enhanced fundamental pieces that are ready-to-wear, adaptable, and easy-to-clean (no dry-clean-only things here!). Try these quick and easy ways and tips to upgrade your wardrobe and appear like a million bucks this mother’s day (while being comfortable!).

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Simplify your wardrobe

Having an abundance of clothing alternatives may sound like a dream come true! You can put up an outfit quickly and easily, and there are so many options! While this may appear to be a perfect condition, the exact reverse occurs. You will have a tougher time putting together ensembles if you have too many things in your wardrobe, and you may wind up wearing the same sweatpants and t-shirt every day. Instead, pare down your wardrobe to only the things you adore and the looks you want to wear out.


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Have a go-to pair of sneakers

You can spend your entire life in sneakers, whether they are dressed up or down with jeans and a tee. A pair of traditional white sneakers is a must-have and an excellent investment because they go with so many outfits. They are perfect for days when you've got a busy schedule with the kids and need to relax.

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Wear a dress

Dresses have to be the most practical item in a mother's wardrobe. You can simply put on a dress and match it with shoes, and you are good to go. They are perfect for when you need to get dressed quickly and do not have a lot of time to spare (which is pretty much every day with kids).


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Look for something with pockets

Many moms adore garments with pockets. You do not need to bring a baby bag with a million things anymore when your kids are starting to get older, so you can start to lean towards jackets and slacks with pockets. If you are not going out for an extended period of time, you do not need to bring a large bag; instead, you can just put all your essentials into one of your pockets and you are good to go.

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Opt for bags that let you go hands-free

Backpacks and crossbody bags are hot right now, and they are perfect for moms. When you are out with your kids, you can typically use either style since it frees up your hands (which is excellent because, as most mothers will attest, you never know when you will need to stop someone from running away or wipe someone's hands). You can consider investing in a high-quality leather backpack or a few crossbody bags that can handle the everyday wear and tear that chasing your kids may bring. A simple neutral colour like black, grey, or navy is ideal since it would be likely to go with almost everything in your wardrobe or choose a contemporary style with a pattern you like!

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Build up a staple collection of pants

Having a large assortment of comfy trousers — think jeans, nice leggings, a pair of trusty shorts and casual lounge pants — will definitely make getting ready simpler every day. You can simply pick any of them out and wear them with your favourite t-shirts without much thought and you are good to go.

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Play with prints and colours

A bit of colour or a wonderful print is one of the quickest ways to brighten up an ensemble. You can consider mixing in a few vibrant items with your neutrals to give your outfit a bit more individuality and to feel more confident in what you wear. Prints provide dimension and intrigue to your ensemble, and even one printed piece may completely transform it (yes, even a patterned shoe can transform a t-shirt and jeans into something trendy!). Prints might serve as your outfit's 'blueprint.' If you are scared to mix diverse colours in one outfit, choose accessories that mirror the print's hues and you'll appear put-together in no time.

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Add accessories

In under 30 seconds, a set of earrings and a necklace, or a couple bracelets, can spice up an outfit. Wrap a lovely scarf around your neck to quickly seem put-together. For a tired mom, a little concealer, blush, and lip gloss might do more than a luxury dress.

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When you go out, consider opting for a comfortable heel

In heels, everyone appears better since heels tend to thin and extend the legs. Obviously, stilettos are not appropriate for everyday mothering, but there are lots of comfortable shoes with a one to two-inch heel that are both practical and fashionable.

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Go for the darker denims

When it is dark, even mom jeans may pass for fashionable! Choose a cut that flatters your body type; if a boot cut is a better balance for your pear shape, there is no shame in foregoing the skinnies. Also, jeans with some Lycra will keep their form better over time, so they'll fit you even if you gain or lose a few pounds.

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It is all in the layers!

Layers, a tactic fashion stylists employ to make models appear so beautiful and well, trendy, may add a degree of style to your outfit. Add a vest and a dangly necklace to your cute-but-boring tunic and leggings, or let a lacy tank top peek out from your button-down and jeans combination. Avoid becoming too matchy-matchy (in fact, try to avoid it), but keep layers thin and streamlined.


It is no secret that being a mother is a full-time job, but what many moms do not realise is how little time they have for themselves in between all of the obligations of being a parent. Feeding time pushes looking beautiful to the bottom of the priority list, and comfort and durability become the most important purchase criterion. This is why the "mom look" has a negative connotation of being connected with drab, informal attire. Mom style, on the other hand, does not have to be drab. You may still look nice and feel comfortable in attire that suits your lifestyle.

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