From Smart Casual Dress Code To Cocktail Party: HERE’S WHAT TO WEAR TO ANY PARTY!

From Smart Casual Dress Code To Cocktail Party: HERE’S WHAT TO WEAR TO ANY PARTY!

Are you an expert at picking out party clothes? Do you spend countless hours in front of the mirror trying to figure out what to wear to every type of social gathering?

I'm sure you are probably wondering why I ask this. Well, the reason is quite simple. Most people who go to parties end up spending hours upon hours trying to pick out the perfect outfit. So what if you knew how to quickly pick out an amazing outfit that fits the occasion?

When you look great for any occasion, you not only feel great but also look great. So if you want to feel more confident in yourself and want to look more attractive, the best thing you can do is to focus on what you wear.

So if you want to start finding your unique style, start reading now...

What to Wear to a White Tie Dress Code Event

If you are fortunate enough to receive an invitation to an event with a white tie dress code, prepare to go all out. This is the most formal of all dress codes. Consider dressing for the red carpet; this is your chance to flaunt your most ostentatious appearance.

A full-length evening gown is required for events with a white tie dress code, but be sure to keep it classy and attractive. Don't hesitate to experience your "princess moment" if you so desire.

What to Wear to a Black Tie Dress Code Event

When it comes to a black tie dress code, a tiny step down, it's all about elegance. Choose a floor- or tea-length gown that is, of course, fashioned of opulent materials. Black attire is traditionally required for black tie events, but this has changed throughout time.

Black tie parties now feature more color, but a darker, monochromatic look is still appropriate. Keep the print to a minimum if you favor color or deep reds, emerald, or navy. Bolder jewelry, such as drop earrings, a statement necklace, or even a striking pair of heels, should be paired with your gown.

What to Wear to a Black Tie Optional (or Formal) Dress Code Event

The words "optional" or "preferred" in the dress code field of an invitation indicate that the host prefers a particular look but will allow for some latitude. Although it is still optional, tea- and floor-length dresses are desired; hence, you will probably see more midi and knee-length dresses at these gatherings.

This suggested attire for a black tie optional event gives attendees more freedom to experiment with color. Choose colorful, eye-catching accessories to go with a monochrome dress, or feel free to add chic designs and textures. With a black tie optional, you can undoubtedly have more fun, but make sure to maintain your elegance.

What to Wear to a Cocktail Dress Code Event

We widen the window for personal style as we explore cocktail dress codes. Here, you can experiment with more daring hues, prints, and textures in addition to more daring silhouettes. For instance, a cute puffy sleeve moment or a stunning two-piece or coordinated set.

A short dress or matching skirt and top combination is definitely in the cards, as long as it doesn't go below two inches above the knee (we still want to keep things classy here). A cocktail party is the ideal setting for an elegant midi. Whatever you're wearing, make sure to finish it off with some chic shoes and a standout clutch.

What to Wear to a Festive Dress Code Event

Consider wearing bright colors, statement jewelry, and glitter for your holiday dress! Seriously, if there's a festive dress code, don't be shy with the jewelry. This is a fantastic time to wear your statement costume jewelry and heels covered in diamonds. Combine these with a two-piece or cocktail dress in a vivid color; think electric blue, blazing orange, or vivid magenta.

If you decide to wear a playful pattern, accent the color of the print with a pair of brightly colored heels. With a festive dress code, you can really experiment and have fun as long as you maintain an elegant appearance.

What to Wear to a Business Dress Code Event

When it comes to professional dress rules, it's all about elevating your standard workday outfit with a little more flair. While maintaining neutral hues, muted designs, and simple silhouettes, we nevertheless want to add and swap out specific items to give your outfit a more event-like feel.

Simply switching your flats for heels, teaming your fitted pants with a brightly colored blouse, or accessorizing your sheath dress with dramatic jewelry may all elevate your workwear. Your boss lady pant suit is ideal in this situation, of course. Keep your hemlines at the knee and your necklines conservative. Keep it basic but elegant.

What to Wear to a Smart Casual (or Dressy Casual) Dress Code Event

Get ready, ladies: smart casual means it's time to break out your go-to pair of jeans and a stylish top. In essence, smart casual is all about clothing that can be dressed up or down. Consider wearing denim with fancy jewelry, elaborate shoes, and chic outerwear.

Enjoy wearing airy florals, playful designs, and vibrant colors during the day. For instance, some adorable heeled sandals and gold hoops can spruce up your go-to summer outfit.

Evening smart casual can be a little more daring with a fashionable jumpsuit, bottoms in a statement design, or a tough jacket and jeans combo. Naturally, don't forget a striking makeup look to round off your ensemble.

As for the trickier dress codes, such resort casual or casual chic, the general idea is to make an additional effort with your usual attire. It is preferable to appear overdressed than to have made no effort at all.

What to Wear when there is No Dress Code?

When there is no mention of a dress requirement on the invitation, take the event's type into account. For instance, weddings are typically cocktail or formal affairs, business casual is ideal for any type of work function, and if it's a backyard party, you'd be perfectly safe in any clothes. Ask the host for help if you feel entirely lost; they will be happy to point you in the proper route.

Make sure your attire is one you enjoy and feel comfortable wearing, regardless of the dress code. Stick to your particular style and feel good about what you're wearing, whether you like patterns or vibrant colors.

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