5 Must-Have Trends of Spring Summer 2021

5 Must-Have Trends of Spring Summer 2021

Get the look: 5 Spring/Summer 2021 fashion trends you'll want to wear all year round. Whether you’re on the hunt for a new outfit or to build the perfect capsule wardrobe, NIMISSKI’s new-season collections will elevate your style for months to come.

1. Dress Over Trousers

Hark back to the early 2000s trend of layering a dress over your trousers of choice. Want to take it one notch higher? Add in a graphic print for a statement effect.


2. Wanderlust Chic

With travel plans disrupted for the past year, it is safe to say we’re all longing for a getaway. But fret not. This season, escapism fashion takes the lead with holiday-ready looks to satiate that sense of wanderlust (for the time being).


3.The Art of Subtlety

With subtle sexiness dominating the runways, this season’s collections are awash with peekaboo details and a less-is-more mentality.


4. Urban Prep

Preppy chic is a tried-and-tested look, but instead of the collegiate tailoring and muted colors of yore, this season’s interpretation melds minimal elements with classic feminine silhouettes and contrast color matching.


5. The New Black

Inject these beautiful earthy tones into your outfit and sit a class above the rest. Earthy is the new black.



6. New Age Florals

While fashion trends are often cyclical, there’s something to be said about the timelessness of florals, come Springtime. This season, the fail-safe print gets a refresh.